About us

Miltiade-Sorin ISTRATE

General Manager

Mision Saltempo

"SALTEMPO aims to manufacture and market top quality products, on the TASTE and on the LIKING of consumers, to meet the highest demands, offering its clients high quality products, regardless of age and religious confession, from rural or urban areas, from the EUROPEAN UNION or from all over the world. "

About Saltempo

SALTEMPO is a company with long experience in processing pork, beef, sheep and poultry. During the years of its activity, SALTEMPO has always been concerned about the quality and diversity of its products.

The products of SALTEMPO include both meat products, over 120 kinds: hams, bacon, specialties, baloney, salami, sausages, head chease and pate, vegetal and products, grills and chilled cut meat or frozen meat produced in the system Food Safety Management ISO 22000: 2005.

The products are manufactured under three brands: SALTEMPO - freshness and flavor for each, COSTACHE - food as once, APPETIT - special taste, which are trademarks, owned by SALTEMPO.

SALTEMPO meats have a presentation and flavor specific to the Romanian tradition, wanting to satisfy the most diverse tastes and requirements. The use of carefully selected raw materials and last generation technological conditions gives the products savor and quality.

One component of the activity is the ability to create new products, according to unique recipes, with natural ingredients that make consumers delight.

The way of presentation of SALTEMPO sausages is both bulk and ported or sliced ​​depending on the market to which they are offered. Packaging is done under vacuum or in a protective atmosphere, which results in increased validity terms.

The nutritional qualities of SALTEMPO products are recommended for your entire family who will benefit from the energy you need for daily activities.


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